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Things I'm Not Worrying About In 2018

With every new year comes a new set of resolutions and hopes for the following 365 says. I can't even begin to predict what will happen in 2018. 2017 came out 100% different than I thought i t would, but I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

At least I hope.

One thing I want to put out there for certain, however, is how much things make me worry. The things I dreaded this year, the things that got me in the core. I will fight to make this year different, by doing my best to not worry about these things:


I am completely ignoring politics. Trump was elected over a year ago. An entire total of ONE bill that he has proposed has passed Congress and ZERO vetos. He does nothing. His one bill, the tax bill, might do something, but that's another story.

The only thing he has been good at is making one side of the country hate the other side. I am done arguing, I am done talking about it. Those of you who follow me personally, know that I haven't and wont post about politics anymore.

I guess I can tick that box.

Other People's Opinions

This is a hard one. A really, really, really, really, hard one. It's okay to listen; it's totally fine to entertain and make people happy; It's more than alright to judge your own progress with or without the applause of others. But never get stuck in the hole of where everyone else wants you to be.

Everyone wants to have status over you, I need to remember that I and only I have the power to give myself status. I will not out-source my self-esteem to others.

Anybody who is creative will start off striving and yearning to be better at what they do. They see the nuances and the beauty in the art created by masters before them. I want to have those nuances in the things I do: In writing, in photography, in keeping a smile on people's faces, and in my career.

People will always hate, and in truth the ones closest to you are the ones to be the most careful around. They will hate, be disappointed, or unintentionally crush you with criticism; make you so sad you don't know how to create ever again. It's alright, it happens. You can't let it affect you.

Pandering to what these people like, or what the crowd you serve to likes, is a terrible crime. You let them dig the hole, you jump in the casket, they bury it. But only if you pander to them. Breaking free from the grave might make them angry, or disappointed, or scared....but it's the only way to live.

The Future

It's so easy to mortgage the present in exchange for a better future.

I am extrememly guilty of this. I focus to much on making sure my future self is happy without thinking about the now. The mindset to think that "if only he/she were like THIS, I would be so happy." Or to think "If only I had this amount, I would be set." creeps in the back of my skull.

The juice of life is only drunk by our souls when we squeeze all of the remaining liquid from the current moment (sounds cliche, but I am in a quotable moment this morning). In other words, be mindful of the moment. Be grateful for right now.

Pleasing Others

This kind of goes along with "Other People's Opinions." Almost every day I feel as though I am disappointing someone. I am not trying to, but it happens, I am sorry. I apologize that I can't do everything I promised. I am sorry I let you down. We can work it out, or we can't, I can't afford to worry about it anymore.

You can't please everyone, and everyone should know that saying. Still, it's tough. People want things, they want to like you and they want you to do things that make them happy and like you more. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. I will do what I think is right, and I didn't choose that way to spite you.

I am doing my best, I promise.


No one close to you is intentionally putting you down. They think that they are helping. Turning a cold shoulder will make things worse for you. Acknowledge what they have given you, and if it doesn't help, let it go and walk your own path. No one can stop your journey other than you.

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