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Let Go, and Live Happier

Let's make our own 2017 goal for ourselves. Humans are terrible at sharing emotions, especially when it comes to letting others know you are genuinely unhappy. (Yes, yes there are the attention seekers who will glum around...but they are the exception). It's tough to explain, you'd rather not, it just wouldn't be worth the trouble. I mean, c'mon there really isn't anything anyone could say to make you feel better. It's the worst. So you sit there in your sorrow, put on some sad songs or tv and force yourself to cry hoping the sadness will fall with your tears.

You don't want anyone else's help? Fine. But there are 8 things you can do to help yourself.

1. Overthinking

Of course there is value in considering all of your options and planning ahead. But over-analyzing everything will absolutely destroy your mood while blocking your intuition. Sometimes you need to just breathe deeply and slowly, clear your mind, trust your gut, and jump.

2. Trying to Please Everyone

Impossible. There is no conceivable way that everyone will be happy with your decision. It just won't happen. It's your life, not theirs, so believe that you know what is right for you and follow that path. So what if some get "upset" along the way. those who truly love you will support you in all that you do, and won't need you to conform to their expectations or preferences.

3. Past Mistakes

We have all done stupid things. Sometimes even terrible things. But realize that every single thing you have ever done has led you to becoming the person you are today. Besides, you are not a time traveler (unless you are, then contact me ASAP) and there is nothing you can do to change what you have done. IT happened. Move on. Let it go. The best thing you can do for yourself is learn from your mistakes and look forward so that you don't make them again. You have no room for regret.

4. Chasing People

Don't run after people who don't reciprocate your kindness or interest. The people you need in your life don't need to be chased - they'll come to you. Reference my blog post Crappy People in Your Life for good guidelines to help you here. Respect your own worth by not engaging in a one-sided relationship.

5. Anger

This is the one that I need help with. Again, you can't change the past, but you can stop it from ruining your present or future. Forgive those who have wronged you, and turn your attention to the things that bring you pleasure and fulfillment.

6. Comparing Yourself to Others

You run your own race, so only compare yourself to what you want to achieve. Our perceptions of others are rarely accurate, so stop thinking everyone else is happier, powerful or more successful. Set your own goals, and concentrate on meeting them. Forget everyone else. Do you, boo boo, do you.

7. Self-Doubt

Self-doubt paralyzes you, keeping you stuck in the same old place. In the end, you will only regret the chances you did no take. Step out of your comfort zone, believe you can handle anything life can throw at you, and reap rewards!

8. Negative Thinking

When you feel that negativity creeping in, replace it with thoughts of something positive. Make a list of things to make you feel grateful. Meditate. Or just talk to someone who always makes you smile. If you let go of negativity, you're guaranteed to live a happier and more successful life.

I have come across each and every one of these, and am still battling with some of them. I can tell you from the progress that I have made, I am living a more joyful life. I'd say the hardest for me is Anger; when I feel I have been wronged it really takes the world for me to let it go, but I am working on it.

Readers, what on this list do you struggle with? Stories? Examples? I'd love to hear from you. Comment down below!

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