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Crappy People in Your Life

Hey all! Long time no read. Here's a short read on something I thought should help those of you who are having a not so well time.

I had a conversation with an old associate of mine recently, and they told me they wanted to disappear and give up. They felt as though they had no friends, feeling ashamed, being circled by lots of bad things happening. He sat there and asked himself:

"What happened? I want so much more. What was I doing that was so bad? Why does everyone stop talking to me?"

Never ask why. There is never a good answer for why if you ask the negative people in your life. Life is hard, and none of us want to do more homework.

I think it came down to one big and important thing. Who are the people you are spending time with. How do you know if someone is bad for you?

  • Do you feel bad or anxious after you spend time with someone?

  • Are you more often than not arguing with them?

  • Do they put you down in a way that's not constructive?

  • Do they limit your opportunities?

  • Do they isolate you from your friends?

  • Do they resent your successes in any way?

  • Do they not listen to you as much as you listen to them?

  • Do they add drama to your life instead of remove drama?

  • Do you get so busy with life that you forget about your own health, your own creativity, your own ability to change and better yourself and the world?

If you say yes to any of the above questions, that is your answer.

The people you want in your life are those that reverse the questions above. There are very few of them. There should be very few of them. I've found that I have become much happier as a person by not allowing those people to involve themselves in my life. That really is it, not much else.

My old friend said, "I am always nervous meeting new people and making new friends, I don't have the confidence."

I have a quick trick I use that really works... When you meet a new person, lean back and think inside your head: Impress me. Then see what happens.

People will really quickly show you who they are.

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