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Autumn Winds

As the Autumn winds blow away the warmth,

I feel the long nights replace the sun,

And the dead leaves replace the sand.

I mostly dread the coming of winter, and fall is that colorful reminder to us all. The temperatures cool, your breath starts making those visible clouds in front of your face....

I hate it.

Oh please winter, don't ever come back. I hate realizing that my feet are frozen underneath all of my blankets. Stepping out on to the bathroom tile after a shower? THE. WORST. I just don't like the feeling of cold. I just want it to be that perfect temperature all the time. That perfect balance of not too cold for a t-shirt and not too warm for a sweater weather.

Thats the spot.

With that being said, I probably live in the wrong part of the world for my fair weather fawnings. What's your favourite weather climate?

By the way, both of the photos above were taken with an old school Nikon 28mm f2.8 lens that I found on this camera, Ive been having a TON of fun shooting with it:

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