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Hi folks!

It's been a while. Quite frankly I have had a tough time finding something to write about. I lost my inspiration, and am not too sure why. In any case, I went on a recent trip over this weekend and finally brought my camera with me.

My intention was to take photos, and tell a story with all the photos I took. Photos of the trip down, of where I went, and the trip back. I took tons and tons of photos, but unfortunately, when looking back at them, I really didn't see any I liked. Maybe one or two that was Instagram worthy, but that's about it.

I was upset. I haven't written a blog post in a week and a half! I need something.


I took my camera to work today, was expecting some toggage* to be delivered from Amazon.

*Toggage = Tog Luggage = Photog Luggage = Photog Stuff = Photographer Stuff = Goodies*

You can do the math on that one. A few nifty things arrived that I will be excited to play with in future shoots and what have you. But I still couldn't find anything to write or shoot about. Discouraged, I finished my work day and drove home. I sat in my car on the driveway snapping a few shots from inside the car, mostly because of laziness.

As I loaded the files up in Lightroom, I came across this:

Hows that for a story?

Point is, just keep going and going and going until you get something. Then move on to the next, it will come to you.

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