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Headache Killer

I woke up a couple days ago with one of the worst headaches I have had in my life. I really could not focus on anything. I decide to rest in and see if a bit of sleep would help me find a cure. I woke up a few hours later, and to my dismay, it was still there...throbbing away the smile off of my face.

It was indeed b-e-a-utiful outside (thanks, Jim Carrey). Not too hot for the sun's rays peeking through the trees to be a bother, and certainly not cold enough for me to put on another layer.

The perfect day.

I decided to take out one of my pride and joys, The Triump Street Triple R.

Now, Ive ridden a lot of bikes, for quite a few years. I've only personally owned another...but thankfully I have gracious friends! This horse is a dream, an absolute fantasma to ride! I don't think I could ever bore with it, it is just..that...good. The sound it makes, even with the stock exhaust, the iconic 3-cylinder whistle that its known to have.


I love taking it through turns, weaving through loose traffic on 95, or even just cruising ons ome suburban roads. It is by far the best purchase I have made in my life, and I can say that with utmost certainty. If you are looking for your next bike, I highly recommend this bike. It doesn't even matter what year...I have ridden multiple years and enjoyed all of them! Triumph really did the world well with this bike.

Before I continue on my ga-ga trip, what was this blog about? Oh right, my headache.

What headache?

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