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Ben's Visit

This is one of my favorite spots in Philly, and I got to show Ben around! Ben is a new employee hired by the company I work for in our China facility. He'd never been to the US before, so I thought I would give him a small tour of Penn's Landing on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. He will be here with us for 6 weeks, so I am planning to show him more of Philly later.

I come to this spot by myself on occasion, to just sit and think, and to clear my head. Also a great spot to watch the fireworks on New Years Eve!

Ben quite enjoyed this spot, and he's a bit of a tog himself! (Catch him in the red plaid in the above pic). We also walked into China Town, but unfortunately I had left my camera behind! I hope to get some of the shots I missed from Ben's camera. More photos to come!

In any case, if you haven't been to Philadelphia, I certainly hope you come for a visit as it is indeed a beautiful city.

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