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Nostalgia - #reSURGEnce

That logo.

Boy does it bring back memories. Memories of myself doing WHATEVER my parents asked me to do just for a glass of the green elixir. Memories of being excited for seeing that 2 liter sitting on the dining room table waiting to be opened. It was basically crack for me, and for a lot of other 90s children.

I know it's just soda, and not exactly healthy for you. But I couldn't miss out on the nostalgia. I found out recently that Coco-Cola had brought it back, and was bringing it to shelves soon.

Soon is too long.

I, somewhat foolishly, went straight to Amazon Pantry and ordered myself a 12 pack. And magically, two days later (Thanks Amazon Prime!) it showed up at my desk.

Boy does this nostalgia taste amazing.

It was everything I remembered and more! I got hounded by some folks to share, and I did. I am definitely not drinking all of it by myself, breaking my fitness journey. It's always good to go back in your head and remember the good 'ol days. Not a responsibilty worth a salt. Of course you had to get your homework done else Mrs. B would virtually kick your butt the next school morning. What else was thre to worry about? Making sure you paid your school trip fee? Finding out where to sit in the cafeteria on your first day of school? Being upset at yourself because you forgot to set your VHS to record the show you were going to miss? Or how about trying to figure out if that guy you imagined in your head jumping over obstacles on the roadside outside your school bus window was something that only YOU did?

We all did that last one. All of us.

Now if we can convince Doritos to bring back 3D Doritos, I can sit in my living room, playing my Gameboy with my recorded version of Good Burger on VHS playing in the background, and feel like I never left the 90's .

Pick yours up

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