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Keeping Busy

Hi folks, it has been a couple of days and I sure have been busy as anything! Many things have happened! I have been keeping myself very busy, going full speed into working photography and having tons of fun with it. I did five shoots over the last couple of days.


Now with all of the fun shooting...also comes all of the fun editing. If being a "photographer" was just holding up a camera and pushing the shutter button, no one in their right mind would pay thousands of dollars to photograph their wedding.

Anywhoozle, I did a variety of shoots. Some product, a Religious ceremony, a Wedding Reception (although this one was not really a regular shoot, just me with my camera), and some others sprinkled in.

Post processing is the real nitty gritty part. I shoot RAW (Thanks, Jared Polin), so every photo is saved as basically a digital negative and must be processed in a "lightroom." Funnily enough, the aptly named "lightroom" is the application i use to do so. First pass is always yes or no. Pick or no pick. Perfecto, Rejecto. Second pass is going through and making sure all the colors are correct and fixing any stray marks or distracting articles. Third Pass would be cropping to make it sure it looks "just right" to my eye.

All in all this process took me about 5 hours totalfor just the one shoot, for the amount of shots that I took. But it was all worth it when you get a shot like this:

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