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How to make 2.3 million dollars

Why the exact number you ask? Well, simply put I was asked to..and quite frankly that seems like a reasonable amount of money for me.

In order to make this enormous sum of money, you have to do one of four things:

1. Win the Lottery

Now this is probably the easy way out, not that it is in any way an easy accomplishment by any means. No work involved. Nothing. You buy, and you wait anxiously. Easy.

2. Inheritance

I am going to throw a couple things into this category. You happened to have a well-off relative who passes on their estate to you. Or someone just happens to give you a significant amount of money out of their own free will.

3. Crime

Now, on the difficulty scale this is quite the jump up. Yes you could rob a bank GTA style (although most bank vaults carry very little tangible cash nowadays). You could steal that rich person's very expensive...thing... and sell it for quick cash. You could put together a very skilled criminal organization that quite easily deals in nefarious things. Hell, follow the 'Breaking Bad' formula.

4. Hard Work and Extreme Dedication

BOOOOO!!!! What a surprise, right? From what I understand, because believe me I am no multi-millionaire, You need to find something that makes you you. Hell, I do too. WE have to find something we enjoy doing, record it in some fashion, then show it to as many people as you can. It doesn't matter what it is or how good we are. Keep going, keep sharing. Someone somewhere out in the world is almost guaranteed to love it, you just have to reach them. What better tool than the internet?

Make stupid videos that have no rhyme or reason. Write long and established Amazon reviews (be it silly or serious) on EVERY SINGLE ITEM you can find. Or, just write random mind thoughts and questions to the world. Whatever it is, we CANNOT allow ourselves to stop. What if doing that next video gets placed on someone's StumbleUpon? What if that imagining gets shared with someone who shares it with someone else, and it snowballs and becomes viral?

You never know. Just don't forget to share some of that wealth with me when you do make it big. ;)

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