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Night Ride

So, for the first time. I decided to take my camera with me on a night ride. My old camera couldnt take very good night shots, so this new one was kinda fun. I jumped on the highway and took off. Had some fun with a GT-R driver along the way. I contemplated where I could get a good shot. I ended up at one of my favorite roads in the Philadelphia Area. The "AR" or "HIR" as its known to avid philadelphia motorcyclists.

Although the scenery was beautiful.. watching planes land and takeoff in the background, I could not get a decent stable shot. Oh well, I headed back up the highway and found a big, well-lit, parking lot completely devoid of cars. Perfect,

These are the only two shots that I got that came out well. But I will definitely be out ont he hunt for more before the summer is over!

Not sure if I am going to keep going daily with this, but as long as something interesting happens, or I have something significant to write about youll see it here.

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