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Changing Your Life (for the better)

Ever wake up in the morning and just feel completely empty and dead inside?

Me too.

I sometimes find myself walking outside in this terrible rain we’ve had recently and really feeling the weight of the entire sky’s water on my shoulders. When I was younger I heard from somewhere that rain is tears of someone watching over us. I felt the shame.

I’ve discovered through my entire life, when sensations like this occur, a change is being born. At least in my experience.

Is something missing?

You don’t know what it is..but it’s like you’ve left something at home. Maybe the stove on, the refrigerator door open, or something you absolutely need to do today but can’t remember.

Fact of the matter is: It’s a bloating. A lump in your throat that won’t go down until it completely wears you down, making it harder and harder to breathe. David Levien spoke about his commute on the train from work. He had that feeling of exhaustion, looking at other people falling asleep, and getting that feeling in his throat:

“Will I fall asleep?”

It was always there in the back of his mind. But he decided that every time he felt it, he wrote a page in his notebook. Day by day, he wrote pages and pages. Till that realized into a bestselling novel.

Albert Einstein was knackered at even the idea of his eight hour work day at the patent office, let alone actually doing it. He would find little ounces of time that he would slowly carve into his routine so that he could work on the ideas of mind and experiment on them. We know what came of that.

You see where I’m going with this?

I realized something was missing but didn’t know what to do. I began reading articles online, I found some people that I want to emulate, I started to study them.

I got in the habit of writing ideas down. Sometimes silly ones, sometimes for the purpose of strictly making more money. Anything I could think of that could give me a “big break” in whatever industry I could. Something I could say is MINE.

I think I am on my way to finding my voice, and it has made me so much happier in life. When you speak in that authentic voice for the first time, you say words you never said before. Maybe nobody has ever said them. You’re going to scare the people around you. You’re going to scare yourself. Because people close to you will react.

You might be wrong. When you write the first page of the novel, you can’t possibly know how it will end. When you start a business, not a single person in the world can predict the outcome.

Odeo is a great example. Started by a guy who had built a hundred-million-dollar company previously.

Everyone trusted his idea was good. A platform for podcasting.

Huge idea!

Many great investors invested. But no customers. One of his employees started a side project. Sending messages back and forth. He got 10,000 users. A small amount.The founder offered all of the investors a chance to get their money back. 100% of them accepted. The founder then changed the name of the company to the side project.All the best investors in the world missed out on investing in Ev Williams’ new project, Twitter.

The world is changing very quickly.

What I have seen is that there’s no answer. There’s no guru who can say what will happen. I still write any idea I can think of down; it gives me some sort of satisfaction. I trust one these ideas will blossom into a beautiful thing.

I promise you if you want a change in your life, this is the way to go. I can feel I am on the right track, and am close to where I want to be. I hope to one day look back at this post (if it is still up on the internet [or if the internet even exits]) and smile.

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