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2015 Review (a little late)

For a lot of people that I know, 2015 was a tough mudder kind of year (both literally and figuratively. how many people actually attended a tough mudder, more than average). It was a long, hard-fought battle all starting from that daggers-in-the-air bitter cold back in January. That. Was. Cold. Spring came and went really quickly, as it has the last couple of years..and the summer was quite enjoyable, albeit with its own, unique challenges.

Before I go back and look at the things that happened last year, I want to answer a few questions I have been bombarded with:

"Where are you?"

"You haven't updated anyhting in a while, why?"

"Are you going to be posting any more photos?"

"Write more!"

"Why do you spell your name with one z?"

(okay maybe not that last one)

Well, my November and December have been super eventful and busy, but I will get back to that. I really haven't had many oppurtunities to pull out my camera and shoot and that, quite frankly, upsets me. I feel like I need an impetus to get me get me working. I plan to shoot something every day and see what turns up.

Same thing with writing. I actually enjoy writing. Everything you read in one of my blog posts is written in precisely the way I would speak it in person. The...subtle....pauses...that I may...put in....if I was....Captain T Kirk.....if you will. To whom am I speaking to? I have no idea. Who are you?

That last question is one I get asked a lot, actually, just not specifically in the last two months. Easy, im too cool for two Zs.

On to looking back. I am actually going to use facebook to help here, surprisingly.

I started off the year with a snowboarding trip. I hadn't been in years, certainly felt it in the morning. Shawnee Mountain Ski Resort? Get your shit together. My favourite football club (that's soccer, to most of you folks) said goodbye to a legend as he left the team. My phone autocorrects "Stevie" to "STEVIE" and that's all you really need to know about that. All the best, Captain Fantastic.

Ended up in DC for a pretty fab wedding. Embassy Suites and whatnot. Good times. Spent the rest of the time there in DC doing the touristy things, mostly. I came back to Philly to the coldest of cold weather. It was an absolute freezer. The coldest winter I can even remember. Do you know what I did next? I went to Canada.


Family hadn't had enough of the cold and so we went to where it was EVEN COLDER. That's the mindset im working with here, sheesh. Im dragging on a bit here, still stuck in the first two months of the year! Well, after the freezing tundra we finally took a trip down south and had a nice little family vacation in Florida. Definitely the escape I was looking for.

The Spring and the Summer of 2015 passed way too quickly for my taste. Hiking in the mountains, swimming in the lakes, to long drives and short sights. I discovered new talents, new friends, and new experiences, the least of which was my new-found love of still imagery. I had always loved taking photos, but it was then I found that I wanted to pursue this hobby for something more. My beard made its full appearance too.

Went to Indiana for work! Stayed in a lovely hotel and met some fun people. Indiana, you have nice people. Often too nice, really. Get a little meaner please.

Now, on to the meat. And by the meat I mean vegetarian, because this is going to be pretty light. Some big things happened in my life this passed fall/winter...really big things. Life events. Big life events. Or event, really. In any case I am going to leave it up to your imagination!

All in all, 2015 was the greatest year of my life. But, I am happy it's over. Why?

2016 will be even greater.


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