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(Apologies for the terrible pic) That's what I walked out the door to. This is going to be a different day, and probably not in a good way.

I decided not to take my camera with me to work today because well, I felt like I was going to be pretty occupied and not have time during/after lunch for some good shots. I walked outside to that eerie scene with some thick fog. What a perfect picture oppurtunity. Of course, I did not have my camera with me and resorted to my cell phone camera, which admittedly does pretty terrible in this sort of lighting.

Disappointed in myself, should have brought my camera.

I get to work to find out that a project I have been working on quite excitedly is getting pushed to the backburner. Aweseome. So a pretty mundane workday passes and I am ready for a good photo oppurtunity to up my portfolio. Unfortunately due to some "unforseen circumstances" it has been rescheduled "until further notice." We all know what that means.

Oh well. No reason to quit now. I just have to make sure I get right back out there and find something I could occupy my time with in a good way. Have to keep working hard and building that foundation for myself so that one day I can consider myself successfull. Sure, fun is fun in the meantime. But when fun leads to more money in your wallet...

You know what I mean.

Now, I don't want to come across as some money hungry miscreant. I want to establish myself in a way where things can be enjoyed without worry of anything, and I do noy mean for myself. My closest family, friends, and all the good people I spend a significant amount of time with rightfully deserve worryless things.

All in all, Disappointment is inevitable. Discouragement is a choice.

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