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About Me pages always interest me. The somewhat short ending list of, “I like this,” or “I like that,” doesn’t really get across who the person really is. I thought a short story might be a little more elucidating of who I really am and the way I write.

In my younger days, I was the kid that sat in the back corner of the classroom, afraid of the social interaction that was warranted with schooling. I didn’t want to talk to anyone I didn’t know. One-on-one conversations were easier, but I still loathed speaking. My mind was my home, and in-turn became my cage. I resided there and imagined my space of 4 blank walls. I could do anything. There is where my world came alive. Long, colorful, expeditions of mystery and adventure constantly played through behind my eyelids. I traveled far and wide and viewed the most magnificent sights. I was strong and brave and nothing could ever get in my way.

I “lived” like that for several years, as if that was in any way living. It wasn’t long before I realized that there was so much more to living than imagination. I soon broke out of that shell, so to speak, and began to share my mental escapades with the world. The inner workings of my imaginative brain now shared with those willing to pay attention. I found the wonder and excitement that went on within myself was much better encountered with an audience.


I delved deep within the world of creative art. Be it writing, doodling, musical expression, magic, pictures (both still and moving), and most of all, creative thought. I had an interesting dilemma in choosing which art to call my one and only. Music is my biggest love if I had to so choose. The way that all of my senses can be activated through this medium is something really powerful. I picked up piano pretty quickly and it wasn’t long before I found myself strumming along on a guitar. Watching people’s eyes is the key. That moment when they recognize a familiar tune, their eyes fill up in awe of the sound coming from the instrument in front of them.

Philadelphia, the colonial capital of what is now the United States of America is where I call home. This city means a lot to me and I often find myself being a tour guide of knowledge and familiarity to even some locals.

My father was very technical and involved heavily with the world of electronics and computers. Like most sons I wanted to be the same, and akin to a sponge learned what I could from him. This world interested me much more than much else. It was because of this interest I fell into the world of computing. 


That's what leads me to my current Day Job. But I am sure there is more to come. :)

From music I went into drawing, and from drawing I went into magic, (strange jump I know). I learned more and more about these things until I felt satisfied.

I had always had an interest in how things worked, how things moved. Anything that had an engine suddenly became a love of mine. I learned to drive, and drive well. I sometimes find myself going to the track to bid my skills against others. This pushed me towards being closer and closer towards the engine. Until finally, I got the bug.


What is the bug you ask? It’s when you want something so bad that it physically and emotionally hurts you until you have it. That bug. To have direct control of an engine with your hands, to feel the torque and power of an engine directly. A motorcycle.

I put 40,000 miles on that motorcycle in just under a year and a half, and still can’t wait to put more on.


I worked on this bike and broke it and fixed it and broke it again. As Casey Neistat once said, "Sometimes you have to wreck things in order to make them your own."


Now it looks like nothing else on the road, and I take pride in that.


I've since bought a new motorcycle, but still own this little monster.

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